Monday, 23 June 2008

Roll on Christmas!!

Roll on Christmas when my next miniature ebook from The Wild Rose Press is released. Note the cover model is no other than Chris Winters, voted Mr. Romance 2008 at the RT Convention in America this year, and his lovely girlfriend, Laura Hawkins.

'Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses' is a festive tongue in cheek love story set in Athens, Greece. Not only will you discover how a typical Greek Christmas is spent, but you'll learn how to satsify a typical Greek man's desires! Here is the blurb:

'A man is for life and not just for Christmas – or so the saying goes.When Leah Stamford accepts the offer to spend the festive season in Greece with her co-worker, Marcus Savakis, the last thing she expects to be unwrapping, is him. But after one ouzo too many, and with a voluptuous ex-girlfriend tempting Marcus back into her ample bosom, Leah will stop at nothing to win her colleague’s affections — though seduction isn't one of her talents. Leah's frigidness was the reason she lost her last boyfriend. Now it’s time to prove to herself that she can be daring and sexy.
But has she got what it takes to seduce Marcus away from the desires of his ex-girlfriend? And can her timidness compete with this erotic Greek goddess?'

Kala Kristouyenna!!


ilona said...

Lucky you getting the cover model Chris Winters and his girlfriend on your book.
The book sounds great too. Good luck with it.

Debby said...

Thanks ilona. Sometimes it pays to be cheeky. I'm very grateful to Chris and Laura for agreeing to my cover request. And thanks for the comments about my book too. I absolutely loved writing it.
Take care ~ Debby