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Author of 'When the Leaves Stop Falling' ~ Kelly Moran

'Author Quickie'
Kelly Moran

1. Hi Kelly. Thanks for taking the time to share your news and views with us. So, tell us about your latest book.

The new book is called When the Leaves Stop Falling, and it is a work of fictional romance, though I’m hearing a lot that it is either inspirational or contemporary fiction. Currently, I am seeking an agent to get it into a larger publisher.

2. Good luck to you! Give us a quick blurb of ‘When the Leaves Stop Falling.’

Serena Edwards wanted nothing more than to return home, little white pills and all. She didn’t care about the doctors, or hospitals, or the light at the end of the tunnel she’s heard so much about. However while on the long road trip home she meets a stranger with saddened eyes and scars of her own. A woman who was becoming an unexpected and welcomed friend.
Jake Warner knew nothing except that Serena was returning home. He had a sinking suspicion it wasn’t good, but why did he care? She left, and never glanced back. He didn’t still love her. Who was he kidding?
Courtney Morgan had escaped unspeakable abuse ten years ago. The beatings hadn’t stopped the visions then, what made her think they were masked now? She’s content now in her throw-away town, until a wanderer with a rooted secret gives her the sudden urge to hop in the car and flee again.
Austin Edwards had dreaded his entire life for the call, the one that said there was nothing left they could do to help her. So his sister was coming home, but who was this woman with her? She was like an innocent and a fantasy all at once… with a voice, calm and healing.

3. It does sound inspirational. Where is this book available?

You can find it at,,,,, or

4. And what about reviews? Share your best one with us.

“The book left me with a warmly relaxed feeling, knowing I had read something that would stay with me a while and nourish my spirit.” ~Author, Francine Craft
"One word can describe this work by award-winning author Kelly Moran: intense. "When the Leaves Stop Falling" is a novel that will bring its readers to tears with love, sadness and pity. It is a story for all your emotions, good and bad." ~Leigh O'Donovan, Authors on the Rise
"What a wonderful, poignant, and bittersweet story, once you start reading you quickly find yourself totally immersed in the story making it almost impossible to put down until the very end. The author’s unique style of writing really brings this story to life in a manner not often seen. Probably the closest comparison to her style of writing would be something by Nicholas Sparks. Ms. Moran is still new in her book writing career but after reading her latest book I really expect great things from her in the future. " Reviewer

5. Have you written any other books you’d like to tell us about? (Or currently writing one.)

I have a book of poetry and short stories that was published in 2005, titled An Insomniac’s Dream. Currently I am working on a romantic suspense called, The Drake House, and a literature novella called, Idle Thursday.

6. What is ‘The Drake House’ about?

The Drake House is a romantic suspense.
Trisha Eaton has been plagued by mysterious nightmares since her parents adopted her at the tender age of three. Now thirty, she chalked them up to childish nuisances until they return- with a vengeance. What is it about the Drake House, planted next door to her family’s orchard and secluded from view, that haunts her nights and terrorizes her memories? At a dead end, frustrated and petrified, Trisha turns to Nick Mackey. The new deputy in town has a past he was attempting to put behind him, but finds himself attracted to the brown-eyed owner of Eaton’s Apple Orchard. A woman determined to loath him and fight the inevitable. Her superstitious town in Small Rapids, Wisconsin was not offering them any assistance. In fact, an incident almost thirty years ago, the one everyone deemed to keep hidden and buried, is threatening to surface again. With it comes secrets that someone was willing to kill to keep veiled, and it would appear that everyone has something to gain by doing so.

7. And what about ‘Idle Thursday?’

Idle Thursday is a literature novella.
As narrated though the eyes of a dead housewife, this literature novella reads like a forbidden journal. Relaying the day she died, through the subsequent events following, the housewife takes you on a heart-breaking and sometimes humorous portrayal of life after death, forcing you to open your mind and heart to possibilities beyond what we think we know. Impossible to put down, it will make you laugh, cry, and think- right up to the satisfyingly surprise ending.

8.Where does your writing inspiration come from?

I always have a story playing out in my head. Events, even minor ones, spur me to have several future books floating around up there. Everyone and everything around me is inspiration.

9. What message do you try to get across to your readers?

I attempt to break the norm we all see as reality in writing. True reality has heart-break, and loss, and humour…not just the niceties. I try to write a good fictional story that is relatable and enjoyable. I suppose every book has a different message.

10. And finally, where can we find out more about you?
My website is You can find me on myspace, facebook, goodreads, and, as well.

Thanks, Kelly, for taking the time to share your news and views with us. If you would like an 'Author Quickie' contact Debby at the ‘Romance ebooks’ myspace profile or at Next on the 'Author Quickie' ~ A.J Llewellyn

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Author of 'The Dream' ~ Nita Wick

'Author Quickie'

Nita Wick

1. Hi Nita. Thanks for taking the time to share your news and views with us. So, tell us about your latest release.

My latest release is called In the Gloaming. It’s an anthology of five faerie stories written by five authors. My story is The Dream.

2. Ooh, tell us a bit about your story ‘The Dream’

Lost in one of Scotland's enchanted forests, a sleeping Katie dreams of trolls,
faeries, and her fantasy lover. And never has a dream felt so real.

3. Magical! Where is this book available?

In the Gloaming is available at Freya’s Bower. (Purchase link: )

4. Do you have a review you’d like to share with us?

We’ve had three wonderful reviews so far. It’s hard to pick which one is best. Our latest review was from Dark Diva Reviews. Eliza awarded 5 Delightful Divas and named In the Gloaming a “Recommended Read.” She said, “All of these authors did a superb job in writing such vivid adventures that I felt I was right there in the middle of it.” Here’s a link to her review: And if you’d like to read about the other two reviews, you can find quotes and links here:

5. Have you written any other books or currently writing one?

I have a novella called How Faerie Dust is Made currently available at The Wild Rose Press. This is book one of The Roscommon Faerie Tales. Here’s a short blurb:
A colony of faeries lives among the lush green forests of Roscommon, Ireland near the Arigna Mountains. Their lives would be peaceful were it not for the humans who live in the area with them. The humans dislike faeries and their magic, and the two races are often at odds. But faerie or human, love makes no distinction. And both will soon find that love is the greatest magic of all.

Conall may be human, but he is Aisling’s life mate. She’s certain of it. After all, a faerie knows these things. Can her magic end the feud between their families? And just how is faerie dust made?

You can purchase that one here:

Part two of the faerie tales is in progress and will hopefully be completed soon. I also have a western historical novel entitled The Wagonmaster that should release around the end of the year at Freya’s Bower.

6. What inspires you to write about Faeries?

I’ve always been fascinated by tales faeries, elves, mermaids, and other mythical creatures. With faerie stories I can let my imagination run wild.

7. Do you believe in Faeries?

You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I honestly do believe in faeries. I don’t know if faeries are really like Tinkerbell with wings and faerie dust, but I believe God made more than just humans. And I believe there is far more to this world of ours than what our five senses reveal to us.

8. What do you hope readers gain from reading one of your stories?

Enjoyment. When a reader finishes one of my stories, I want them to sigh with the contentment only a happily-ever-after can provide. I’m a hopeless romantic.

9. How about a writing tip for aspiring authors?

Don’t try to write for the current trend. By the time you get the story finished, the trend will likely have changed anyway. Write what you love. Your passion will show in your story. It’s that passion that sells a manuscript. And it’s that passion that makes your story memorable.

10. And finally, where can we find out more about you?

You can find reviews, excerpts, contests, and info about me at my web site: There are some fun pages, too, like links, puzzles, and sexy pics I use as inspiration for the heroes in my books. Please sign my Guestbook if you stop by! And be sure to sign up for my newsletter. I often have contests and random drawings. All of my newsletter members are automatically entered in my personal/individual give-aways.

Thanks, Nita, for taking the time to share your news and views with us. If you would like an 'Author Quickie' contact Debby at the ‘Romance ebooks’ myspace profile or at Next on the 'Author Quickie' – Kelly Moran

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Author of 'Heatherfiled' ~ M. Jean Pike

'Author Quickie'
Jean Pike

1. Hi Jean. Thanks for taking the time to share your news and views with us. So, tell us about your latest book.

Thanks for talking with me today, Debby. My latest book, HEATHERFIELD, is a time travel romance, unique in that the heroine, Tory Sasser, not only transcends the boundaries of time to be with the man she loves, but she also crosses over from the real world into the world of fiction!

2. That’s intriguingly original! Give us a quick blurb.

Deep in a box of used books, counselor Tory Sasser comes across a novel without an ending: Heatherfield. As she reads the story of scarred war veteran, Jake Benjamin, her tears fall on the pages – and she could swear new words appear where once there was nothing. But the fictional town of Heatherfield isn’t all it seems, nor is its creator, Destiny Paige. When Tory’s car runs off the road into the mist, she’s transported back to the 1940s – into the novel, trapped by the spirits that govern the place through Destiny. Even more, Tory is caught by the complicated tenderness that is Jake Benjamin. Realizing she’s falling in love with Jake, Tory is desperate to find her way back home to reality. Yet what is more real than true love? No, Heatherfield isn’t all it seems… not at all.

3. Wow! Where is this book available?

The book is available in ebook and print formats in my publisher’s bookstore . It is also available at, Barnes and Noble,, or at your local bookstore.

4. What about reviews? Share your best one with us.

I’m thrilled with all of the great reviews Heatherfield is getting. My favorite is the one from Simply Romance Reviews: SRR GRADE: A+

M. Jean Pike is an amazing author. Her stories are magical, emotional and romantic. I could read them over and over. Her new release, Heatherfield, is another beautiful story and one that I highly recommend. Heatherfield is an enchanting romance that will keep you turning the pages long into the night. What happens when you suddenly find yourself living in the world of the unfinished book that you were reading? For Tory Sasser, this is exactly what happens. She finds an old book in a box at the used book store and takes it home. She becomes so emotionally involved with the story that she finds herself crying. As a tear hits a blank page of this unfinished book, the story suddenly begins to write itself. The next day as she’s driving, she gets into an accident and wakes up to find herself in the fictitious town of Heatherfield, circa 1940’s, and straight into the arms of the hero, Jake Benjamin!What a unique plot and it is just that which makes Heatherfield stand out from the crowd. Tory and Jake are wonderful characters. Jake is an honorable man, albeit a lonely and brokenhearted man. There’s something about Tory that awakens a fire within him that has long been dormant. My heart instantly melted for him. Tory has to figure out how she got into this book and how to get back out, however, her feelings for Jake are very strong and she has been making a name for herself in town. She has to choose to stay in this fictitious world or leave the only man she’s ever cared for behind. Heatherfield will pull at your heartstrings!There is a simple elegance to M. Jean Pike’s writing. The proof is in the pages of her new release. I love the emotions she provokes in me just by her writing. Her previous book, Waiting for the Rain, made me cry and it is one of my favorite books. There is a scene halfway through Heatherfield where Jake reads a poem directed to Tory. It was such a moving scene and it brought tears to my eyes. It is a rare thing to find an author who knows how to reach out to her readers and draw them into the story. Heatherfield by M. Jean Pike is a treasure and it is a book that I recommend everyone read!
~Reviewed by Julie Kornhausl

5. Have you written any other books you’d like to tell us about? (Or currently writing one.)

My debut novel, The Winds of Autumn, released in 2005, is a paranormal romance involving ghosts, love triangles and murder. My second novel, Waiting for the Rain, a paranormal romance about an enchanted cottage, was named NOVEL OF THE YEAR for 2007 at Champagne Books. Sample chapters are available on my website:

6. Define Paranormal Romance for those of us who have never ventured there before.

Paranormal Romance is a very broad category and that’s what makes it so popular. In these stories the primary focus is the romance between two characters, but they go a step farther and incorporate “otherworldly” elements like ghosts, vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, magic or enchanted places. The paranormal elements can be in your face or subtle. The biggest challenge is making them believable.

7. What inspires you to write about Paranormal Romance?

In life and in fiction I love to be taken by surprise. Combine that with a lifelong fascination for anything spooky or off the beaten path and you have a paranormal romance writer! I love the challenge of creating beautiful worlds in which anything is possible and then giving readers a chance to leave the ordinary behind and step into those worlds for a while.

8. What do you hope readers will gain from reading one of your books?

My stories are highly emotionally charged and though they are off the beaten path, they are true to life. I strive to provide my readers not only with entertainment but with a better understanding of the human condition… or at least my take on it.

9. Tell us your secret to success.

The secret to success in anything is twofold: patience and perseverance. Patience in taking the time to learn your craft and learn it well. Perseverance in setting goals for yourself and not giving up until you reach them!

10. And finally, where can we find out more about you?

In addition to my website, I invite readers to visit my den at Author’s Den, where I have numerous short stories and articles posted, as well as all the latest news:

Thanks, Jean, for taking the time to share your news and views with us. If you would like an 'Author Quickie' contact Debby at the ‘Romance ebooks’ myspace profile or at Next on the 'Author Quickie' – Nita Wick

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Author of 'The Wedding War' ~ Jenny Gilliam

'Author Quickie'
Jenny Gilliam

1. Hi Jenny. Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule to share your news and views with us. So, tell us about your latest book.

It’s called The Wedding War, and it was released on March 21 from The Wild Rose Press. Right now, it’s a number 3 bestseller on their website.

2. Congratulations! Give us a quick blurb.

“What happens when a fairytale-believing wedding planner and a jaded hot-rod builder who thinks love is nothing more than a chemical reaction end up on opposite sides of the aisle at the wedding of her best friend and his brother? A wedding war erupts.

Jake Ryan will do just about anything to keep his brother from making the same mistake he made. He’s convinced there won’t be a wedding because he’s out to stop it. Mia Briscoe’s determined this will be the most spectacular wedding she’s ever planned. And when she discovers the groom’s brother is out to break up the happy couple? The battle begins.

Jake and Mia have both suffered deep emotional wounds that prevent them from making lasting connections. And both are baffled by the intense feelings they bring out in each other. Can Mia teach Jake that love is something to cherish and not loathe? And if she can, will he be strong enough to bury his past so they can have a chance at a future together?”

3. This storyline sounds more delicious than the Wedding Cake! Where is ‘The Wedding War’ available?

You can buy it in both digital (e-book) and print format from The Wild Rose Press (

4. How about reviews? Share your best one with us.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to receive 4 excellent reviews. Here’s the best one from Cocktail Romance:

“Wedding planner Mia is struggling with her fledgling business following the death of her beloved aunt. Her best friend Jillian is the heiress to a hotel chain, so when she asks Mia to help plan her wedding, Mia’s hopeful that more jobs will result from organizing such a big society event. On her way to meet Jillian and her fiancĂ© Gabe, Mia is forced to sit beside a hunky guy. It’s such a shame that he’s also totally obnoxious.
Jake is on a rescue mission to stop the wedding of his younger brother Gabe. From a young age, Jake was forced into playing the role of a parent to his brother. Their mother abandoned them, and their father became an alcoholic. Jake mistrusts love and is determined to prevent Gabe from making what Jake sees as a big mistake.
Both Mia and Jake have their missions clear. What they don’t count on is finding each other. With Jake determined to stop the wedding and Mia determined to make it go ahead, it’s a clash of personalities and hearts as The Wedding War commences!
I absolutely loved this book. From the strong, humorous opening scene right until the last word, author Jenny Gilliam doesn’t put a foot wrong.
The characters are a joy to read. Even the minor characters fizz with energy. Mia is especially well defined, a sympathetic and instantly likeable heroine. As for Jake – wow, he’s just sex on legs! Take a look at this (slightly biased) description as he and Mia clash for the second time:

Jake Ryan stood in the doorway, one long, sinewy arm propped above his head as he gripped the doorframe. An intricate black tribal tattoo circled his bulging bicep. In his other hand, a bottle of beer dangled from his fingertips. He still wore the black T-shirt that fit him like a second skin, and those Levis. He’d removed the ball cap in what she supposed was respect for dinner, though she still wasn’t convinced he knew how to walk without dragging his knuckles. His black hair was silky, short on the back and sides, a little longer on top. He had close-cropped sideburns that ended at his earlobes. They should have looked ridiculous, but on Jake they were outrageously sexy.

As the wedding preparations lurch from one minor disaster to the next – Jillian’s interfering parents, obnoxious relatives, a secret pregnancy, a recalcitrant priest, a hurricane, plus the reappearance of Jake and Gabe’s mother – Mia and Jake overcome their demons and fall in love. With bucket-loads of sexual tension combined with sizzling love scenes, a brisk plot and truly excellent characterization, The Wedding War is a superb read. This is one of the most perfect contemporary romances I’ve seen in a long time – buy it now!”

5. Have you written any other books you’d like to tell us about? (Or currently writing one.)

After contracting The Wedding War with The Wild Rose Press, I’ve gone on to contract another, The Truth About Roxy, to The Wild Rose Press, and my third, Letting Luce, to Amira Press. I’m currently at work on my fifth novel, the stand-alone sequel to The Truth About Roxy.

6. Well done! Give us some info on ‘The Truth About Roxy.’

Here’s the back cover blurb:

“Roxy Palmer is a walking, breathing clichĂ©. And darned tired of it.
Working as the assistant librarian in her small, Southern hometown, Roxy also anonymously pens the local love column, Ask Paula Rockwell--Thorton, Georgia's answer to Dear Abby.

But when the door leading to Roxy's lifetime dream is slammed in her face by one of the good ol' boys, Roxy brings out the big guns—and turns the genteel town upside down with her racier, feminist, home-wrecking new format.

Paula Rockwell is making Sheriff Noah Kennedy's life crazy. He's got angry husbands lined around the block, demanding the cancellation of the column, fights breaking out and women catching their boyfriends' trucks on fire. If he ever gets his hands on that woman…

But he's got his hands full of Roxy at the moment, and if he ever discovers the truth about Roxy, all hell will break loose.

7. And what about ‘Letting Luce?’ Tell us about that one too.

Again, here’s the blurb:

“When Lucy Hollister tried to drop-kick her personal computer out her second-story window, she had no idea it would eventually lead to the seduction of her very hot, very yummy best friend, Rory Carlisle. After all, she’s the queen of passivity, and he’s the reining king of the non-committed relationship. When a sexy online flirtation leads the couple into some steamy situations, Rory realizes that his cute best friend is letting loose—in the best possible way. Can this couple get past old hurts and guarded hearts to embrace the passionate love that awaits?”

8. You seem very dedicated. What’s the secret to your success?

Perseverance. It’s funny; I’m not very fastidious or confident in other areas of my life, but when it comes to my writing—I’m like a machine. I force myself to keep going even when it feels like I’m creating crap on a page. I have a pretty strict schedule I adhere to—I have to, as a stay-at-home mom with two kids under 6. I wake up at 5am every morning and make a goal to write at least one page a day. So, my advice to writers is to make goals—realistic ones you can stick to—and complete them.

9. What do you hope readers will gain from reading one of your books?

I want readers to close my books with my characters stuck firmly in their hearts and minds. I want to inspire them with the emotional aspects of my stories, and most of all, I want them to believe in the power of love.

10. And finally, where can we find out more about you?

Thanks, Jenny, for taking the time to share your news and views with us.If you would like an 'Author Quickie' contact Debby at the ‘Romance ebooks’ myspace profile or at!
Next on the ‘Author Quickie’ ~ M. Jean Pike!

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Author of 'Hibiscus Bay' ~ Debby Allen

‘Author Quickie!'
Debby Allen

1. Hi Debby. Thanks for taking the time to share your news and views with us. So, tell us what you have to offer in ‘The World of Fiction’ at the moment.

Thanks for inviting me. I have a spicy romance titled ‘Hibiscus Bay’ that was released on 5th March in the format of an ebook. It's doing really well!

2. Fantastic! Give us a quick blurb.

'Exhilarating sex with an Arabian millionaire is the last thing Ashleigh Brennan expects to find after an illicit affair with her boss leaves her unemployed and without dignity. She vows never to be misled by first impressions again—until she meets wealthy, handsome Remmao Kamal. He’s full of passion and eastern promise—but for how long?It’s hard to believe that this wealthy bachelor isn’t married, but his playboy lifestyle aboard his yacht has had its repercussions. After a succession of harbor pickups, his misjudgement of a lover’s intention put his life at risk. Since then, he has been determined to put his womanising days behind him—until Ashleigh walks into his life.Their sexual attraction is immediate and the temptation for Remmao to break his vow of harbor celibacy is as strong as Ashleigh’s desire to protect her heart. But will a one-night stand with no commitments be enough for them?'

Quote: 'If blue skies, hunky foreign guys and glistening seas float your boat, then you'll love this high tension, romp on the beach romance that will leave you searching for your 'passport to paradise!'

3. Sounds very exotic. Where can this book be purchased?

From The Wild Rose Press - an established ebook publisher on the Internet.

4. Any good reviews? Show us your best one.

Yes, I’ve had two so far from Cocktail Reviews (below) and Simply Romance Reviews who graded ‘Hibiscus Bay’ a fantastic ‘A’. I’m currently waiting to see what Coffee Time Romance reviewers have to say :)

'Hibiscus Bay' March 11, 2008

REVIEWED BY: Cocktail Reviews

SCORE: Four and a half glasses of Champagne

Author: Debby Allen

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

REVIEW: Ashleigh is on a Mediterranean holiday with her friend Laura. She’s intending to use the break to get over a failed office romance with her boss – a married man. When Laura spots an expensive yacht at a local harbour, Ashleigh only has eyes for the hot guy on board. But while her friend urges her to enjoy a holiday romance, Ashleigh is afraid of being hurt again.Remmao is half Egyptian, half Arab, a wealthy playboy who used to have a woman in every port until a bad experience left him emotionally damaged and extremely cautious. But Ashleigh intrigues him – he’s never had to chase a woman before, and he’s determined to track her down.While both are ready for a physical relationship, their emotions keep getting in the way. Only by learning to let go of the past and trusting one another will they find a future together.This was a great novella-length read. I loved the underplayed humour, such as Ashleigh’s embarrassment at being caught ogling Remmao on his yacht. In this scene, she’s going to great lengths to pretend she wasn’t looking at him. In the process, her sunglasses fall off and he tries to give them back to her:“I, no, it’s ok, they’re not expensive,” she stammered stupidly. He shrugged. “Well, I am sure there are litter bins around if you wanted to dispose of them.”“I don’t! I mean, I wasn’t throwing them away. They fell off my head.”I also enjoyed Ashleigh’s first proper conversation with him. It’s cute and breathless, and I liked the sly dig at the romance novel genre of ‘every Egyptian/Arab is a prince’.Ashleigh is a strong character. I like the fact that she doesn’t hide or sugar-coat the truth of what she did in the past – she admits she was in the wrong with her affair. You can really feel her anger and guilt – and her fear of being hurt so easily again.Remmao is a true romance hero, but with a modern slant. He’s open about his feelings, and while he encourages Ashleigh to forgive herself and move on, he continues to hold onto his own secret – a lesson he learned a year ago and which still haunts him.Like a short version of a M&B/Harlequin title, Hibiscus Bay delivers on all fronts with an exotic locale, wealthy foreign hunk, a good dose of angst, enjoyable love scenes and a HEA. Formulaic? Yes, of course. But that’s why I love them so much. I’d recommend this to any fan of the genre.

5. Do you have any other books on offer? If so, tell us about them.

I have a Christmas story titled ‘Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses’ that will hopefully be released by The Wild Rose Press in November 2008 and I’m currently working on a couple of novels for release next year.

6. What do you like writing about the most and why?

Conflicting romance. Battling desires. Why? Because they create suppressed passion and powerful sexual tension!

7. What do you hope the reader gains from reading one of your books?

An understanding of different cultures and a chance to capture the feeling of an erotic fantasy, even if it is all in the mind.

8. Do you have a favourite author/publisher/book?

I love Mills & Boon’s Modern Romance novellas. To actually be compared to them by Cocktail Reviews is a huge compliment!

9. Is that where you would like to be in ten years time?

It would be a dream come true :)

10. And finally, where can we find out more about you?

I have a blog spot at:
I have a myspace profile at:
And I promote authors and their books at:

Thanks, Debby, for taking the time to share your news and views with us.
For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, I have just interviewed myself :)
If you would like an 'Author Quickie' contact me at the ‘Romance ebooks’ myspace profile or at!

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