Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Author of 'Black Rock: A Time for Love ~ Elisabeth Parsons

'Author Quickie'

Elisabeth Parsons

1. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for taking the time to share your news and views with us. Tell us about your latest book release.

Thanks, Debby. It’s nice to be here today and speak with you. My latest release, “Black Rock: A Time For Love” will be launched in print this July and is available now in digital format. It’s time travel romantic suspense set in 1898 Texas and is a little different than most time travels because the heroine is actually sent back in time as a toddler and raised in the 1800’s.

2. That is different! Give us a quick blurb.

Imagine discovering your entire life has been based on a lie, that you’d been kidnapped when you were a toddler and sent back in time. Imagine meeting a man from the future who, with just a look, can cause a major meltdown and turn your brain to mush. A man who’s determined to take you away from all that’s familiar and into a future that terrifies you. Collin is just such a man and despite his roguish ways and aversion to the commitment Roxanne needs, she finds him impossible to resist. While fighting her physical attraction to Collin, Roxanne must deal with another man. Handsome, charming and obsessed, Brad will do anything to make Roxanne his wife and gain control of Black Rock Ranch, including murder.

3. This sounds great! Where can this book be purchased?

The e-book is available now from The Wild Rose Press, Fictionwise, Amazon and just about anywhere else e-books are sold. The print will be available in July from the publisher, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and other places online or you can ask for it at your local book store.

4. What about reviews? Show us your best one.

I received a wonderful A+ review from Mireille at Simply Romance Reviews.

E.G. Parsons has out done herself with her mystic paranormal romance story called Black Rock. The main character, Roxanne Ingram, inherits her parent's home, Black Rock Ranch, when she receives a letter notifying her about the death of her father. Once at the ranch, Roxanne meets the dashing and sexy rogue Collin O'Neal and the sparks fly. Together, they overcome dangerous obstacles that are brought on by the infamous Brad Wellman. Brad will stop at nothing to have Black Rock Ranch all to himself. The story entails such riveting action from kidnapping to murder and to add the best for last, a mystical rock that is a portal to other years: past and future. How awesome is that!

5. Do you have any other books available or working on at the moment?

My first novel, “Captive Fear” is a suspense thriller about six women kidnapped for the human trafficking trade. It’s not an actual romance, but there is a romance subplot. You can find more about it at my website. I have several novels I’m working on and a publisher is currently reviewing the full of my newest completed manuscript, “Shadow of Rachel”. It’s a paranormal historical romance set in the 1870’s. I’m also writing a contemporary fiction novel titled “Deceptive Hearts” and I’m posting it on my website for readers to enjoy, as I write it.

6. Do you have a favourite timeline you like to write about?

Yes, definitely the 1800’s. I’ve always been fascinated by the Victorian era and love books from that time period, whether set in England or America. I set mine in America only because I’m an American and I’m more familiar with the history.

7. Is there any genre you’ve never attempted but would like to try?

Science fiction is something I haven’t done yet, but think I’d enjoy. I’ve tentatively started one, but have no idea where it will go.

8. Do you have to be inspired by anything before you begin a new story?

I am inspired by certain places, people and sometimes-inanimate objects, but I don’t have to be inspired by them to begin a story. I have hundreds of story lines running amok in my head and not enough time or energy to write them all as fast as I’d like.

9. As your latest book involves time travel, tell us where you would like to be in 10 years time, regarding writing.

Living in a lovely, secluded cottage somewhere, happily typing away. Secure in the knowledge that the story I’m writing will be joining my last one, which is setting on the very front rack of hundreds of bookstores and being read and loved by thousands of readers. “Sigh” Dreams are nice.

10. And finally, where we can find out more about you.

There are excerpts from my books, works in progress, bio info, family photos, a poetry section and lots of other fun stuff at my website.
Thanks, Elisabeth, for taking the time to share your news and views with us.


jean said...

Great interview, Elizabeth. I enjoyed reading about you and your books, and I'm thrilled to hear there are more books in the works. I LOVED Captive Fear and Black Rock, and can't wait for Black Rock's print release next month! As for your lovely, secluded cottage, boy, I'd like to buy the one next door to it :-)
Jean Pike

Liza said...

Thanks so much for the nice compliments, Jean. Wouldn't we have fun living in those little cottages, working, visiting and chatting about all the great books we've read? :~)Elizabeth